Welcome to the Shree Prajapati Association UK Wellingborough Branch Youth and Sports Section


by Kajal Prajapati

This year’s event was a great success and despite the low number of entries, Wellingborough achieved our best ever trophy haul. We had 4 winners, 1 runner up and we won the Branch Fair Play Award too! The day started early as every year, which isn’t great for me as I need my beauty sleep! We arrived in Hatfield for 8am and the sun was shining which continued throughout the day. In total we had only 14 people take part in various sports including badminton, pool, carom and chess. Meera, being the youngest player to enter from our branch, managed to go through to the final and win the girls junior badminton. Her brother Vinay just failed to make it a family double as he lost in the boys’ junior badminton. The winners from last year in mixed doubles badminton, Hiren and Reena, also did well by reaching the semi-finals but just missed out. For the last 4 years Vivek has won the chess junior tournament and he made it 5 in a row this year! Congrats! Let’s hope he makes it 6 next year. His brother Mikesh went on to win junior pool and Ratilalbhai also won the carom (as he does most years!) Even though there were many winners, the rest did well too including Ricky (Badminton), Rajan and Nickesh (Pool), Nanubhai and Hiten, and Satish and Harish in the mens doubles badminton. Remember, it’s not the winning that counts but the taking part that is the important element as well as getting to meet other people from our Samaj. Overall it was a great day, especially with the supporters there too and I hope that they will continue to come along for many years to come. Maybe even get you there as participants rather than spectators next year! If any of you are interested to know which sports are available or want to take part next year, let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.