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Shree Prajapati Association ( UK ) - SPAUK is the charity organisation in the fields of religious, culture and history within community of Prajapatis-Hindu-Kumbhar people (community originally from South Gujarat, INDIA). Its main object is to advance Hindu religion and education, particularly in Hindu culture, and the relief of poverty and sickness among the Prajapati Community. SPA(UK) is an organisation which is full of activities, intellectuals and pride, an organization whose roots were sown in Bardoli (South Gujarat, India) in 1918-19 and has since spread globally, with the same name, aims and objectives, i.e. to promote our Hindu Religion and Culture, education, to help the people in times of need, the community that has always looked forward to progress and never looked back but at the same time retaining our original identity, a sense of oneness and unity. The association consisting of 13 branches in UK , is an unique organization of it's kind. The unity, the strength, the working practice, the management and the zest to move forward in the modern times and technology is beyond anybody's imagination. Associated Branches in UK : Birmingham , Bolton, Bradford, Coventry , Leicester, London , Loughborough, Luton, Preston, Rugby , Tameside, Walsall & Wellingborough. In late 60's and early 70's we came from India , Fiji and largely from East Africa and settled here in UK . Our learned, experienced and enthusiastic elders got together and formed SPA branches in various cities and then they created a central body called Head Quarters on 27/07/1975 at a meeting held in Bradford

Credit : SPA Website,UK